Driving lessons in Chippenham
Driving lessons in Chippenham



I Don't claim to be the cheapest driving instructor in Chippenham, but if you buy cheap lessons, that is exactly what you will get, cheap lessons!

What really matters is how safe a driver are you?



Don't be fooled by headline cheap rates, they may cost you a lot more in the long term.  -

  • The national average pass rate for driving tests is around 48%
  • My pass rate is currently 73%. (Oct 2009 to September 2019, 181 tests, 131 passes.).
  • 74% of these passes are first time passes.  ( Oct 2009 - September 2019, 96 of the 131 passes were first time passes)

These are the figures that matter.


WEEKLY LESSONS-  Lessons can be booked and paid for individually or in a block at a discount.


My lessons are normally 2hrs long.   

  • Base price of standard lessons £34 per hour                                           

  • Block book of 10 hrs £330. 

Theory Test Pro access FREE


Motorway Lessons - 2hours £70


Price Guarantee; Once you have started  weekly standard lessons with me I guarantee I will not increase YOUR lesson prices ..........EVER !

Any queries or concerns?

Please call me on +44 07967 976146+44 07967 976146 or use my contact form.

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